Updated Edmodo August 2017 How To

Journey to Paperless Classroom



Wow! I was very surprised and pleased to be announced as the inaugural Edmodo teacher of the year today at Edmodocon. There have been some very informative sessions today. You will be able to check out videos by the end of the week. See http://www.edmodocon.com. If you heard about the blog there today, thank you for joining, and please follow so that you can receive updates throughout the year!

Edmodo Updated Step-by-Step PDF

Edmodo has a new look for the new year. I have attached my updated presentation as a PDF with new screen shots based on the updated site. I have also added more steps. I hope you find this helpful as a refresher or a kickstart to Edmodo as the new year begins. An updated PD video will be ready soon! Enjoy!Journey to Paperless Classroom

App for Sharing Student Work Online

Download in iTunes!

Use the Android or iOS App to snap a photo of written work, capture video of presentations, or record audio of student discussions. You can also upload digital files from your computer.
Rescue forgotten student work from the bottom of backpacks or hidden in endless stacks of binders—everything is organized seamlessly and ready to be used for teaching and learning.

Bonus: it’s free!!

Journey to a Paperless Classroom FREE PD Video

Journey to a Paperless Classroom FREE PD Video

Check out my free video of my presentation for how to implement Edmodo in your classroom. This 45 minute video has step by step instructions that yo can pause, fast-forward, or rewind as many times as you want! This will get you well on your way to setting up classes on Edmodo and doing easy online grading!