About Me

Kelley Taylor has had a paperless classroom since October 2011. She piloted a one-to -one program in her school which eventually led to her school adopting a middle school wide one-to-one iPad environment. Mrs. Taylor has extensively researched the benefits of one-to -one technology in the Language Arts classroom. She has presented to her Pre K-8 faculty numerous times and for multiple surrounding school districts. She is an enthusiastic 21st century educator.
She is in her second year of teaching sixth grade Language Arts and Religion at Christ the King School in Lexington,KY. She has also taught 6-8 grade Social Studies at Christ the King School. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from Georgetown College in Elementary Education and Middle School Language Arts. She also earned her Master’s Degree from Georgetown College in Teacher Leadership with an endorsement in Gifted Education. She has been awarded the Kentucky Outstanding Civics Teacher for her region and as a Kentucky Colonel.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Kelly,

    Sent an email to you school acct, but you may not be checking. Can you approve me on your iTunes Univ Course “Paperless Classroom”?

    Three, count ’em, THREE AP English Lit sections next year and I’ve got to move some of the grading into EdModo.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

    Brett Baird
    independence High School
    San Jose, CA

    • Brad, I have found that iTunes U will only allow me to have 50 students so I have moved all the material (and more) to this site. Hope the information helps! I plan to add more throughout the summer. I think you will find that Edmodo will help to lighten your grading load in the upcoming year! Good luck!

      • Thanks, Kelly,

        Your blog has some helpful hints for the newbie.

        By the way, in your castles quiz, here’s a critical thinking question:

        Why do the spiral stairs in a castle ALWAYS spiral up in a counter-clockwise fashion and never the other way? (Hint: Most people are right-handed!)



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