Google Drive vs. Pages

Many of my students like to use Google Drive over Pages for word processing. The benefits are that these documents are web-based, which means that they are accessible through any device with internet. So if a student does not have his/her iPad with him/her, he/she can log on anywhere to work on homework. Another benefit is that this account automatically syncs with Edmodo.
The biggest downfall of the App is that it does not spell check student work. Comments are also cumbersome to read on the iPad. When logged onto the computer, these problems are solved, but not all students have this option.
We also purchased the iWork package for all students. At first, students didn’t use this because they could not turn in their work to Edmodo. With iOS Updates though, students can turn in documents from the iWork suite. To do this follow the directions below. The benefit of Pages is that students can spell and grammar check their writing. There are also many more formatting options. The only downfall is that it is not web-based. This means that a student can lose his/her work if something happens to his/her iPad. This can be avoided if documents are added to the Edmodo library before locking the device.
I let students make the choice.
Process to adding iWork Documents to the Edmodo Library:
– Click the “Wrench” Icon at the top Right of Screen
–  Choose “Share and Print”
-Click “Open in another App”
– Choose if you want it to be Word, PDF, or Pages Format
– Click Edmodo
-You will be taken into the Edmodo Library and you will see prompt “Do you want to add to Library?”
– Click Yes
You will then find the document in your library.

One thought on “Google Drive vs. Pages

  1. Thanks or this information! Although we don’t have a 1:1 campus, we’re slowly getting one on board with Edmodo. I knew we could add google docs, but didn’t know about pages. I prefer Pages, myself.

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