Students would probably say that this is their favorite app. Some may not love it for all the right reasons though! This is the best interactive white board app we could find. Students can “write” or type in a white window, and (a fan favorite) draw. Students can also bring in images from the web.
 My favorite feature of this app is that it can voice record while you write or type. Students have used this feature to record my voice during a lesson while they take notes. I use it to create video lessons to post when I am not in school. To do this, I take screen shots of all my slides, then paste them into the whiteboard, which can have many pages in each “lesson” or file. Then I click “record” and can write on slides while I speak. When I am finish, I choose to share and am given a link. I can then post the hyper link online. This is not only great for sub days, but also when a lot of students are absent, so that I do not have to teach the lesson over again. I have also done this when students have a hard time with content.

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