Device Management

1. Bringing iPads to school
    – We require that iPads be fully charged we students come to school each day. This is considered homework. I did use my classroom funds this year to purchase a few extra chargers. I feel like since the students do use their iPads my whole class, 90 minutes, that it is understandable that batteries may run down. I allow students to use this only on a need to basis. I have not found that they abuse this privilege.
2. Cases
– At the beginning of the year the school ordered Otterbox cases for all students. Students paid for the case through their student fee.In doing this, the student owned the case and was allowed to decorate it.
3. Backgrounds
-Students have been allowed to use whatever background picture they wish (as long as it is appropriate). I have heard of other schools taking a picture of the student and making that the lock screen picture. This sounds great, because if an iPad is found, it is easy to figure out to whom it belongs.
4. Passcodes/ User names
– All students were assigned a passcode at the beginning of the year, which is the same as their password for all school accounts. Students were also given a Google account, we have a school domain. Students are to use the same user name and password for all accounts, i.e. Edmodo, Quizlet. The teachers have a spreadsheet of all student information.

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