Welcome, my name is Kelley Taylor and I teach 6th grade Language Arts and Religion at a Catholic school in Lexington, Kentucky. In the 2011-2012 school year I piloted a 1:1 classroom using netbooks. Through this experience and lots of research, lobbying to board members, administration, parents, and other teachers, I helped to implement an iPad 1:1 initiative at our school. We were very blessed to get enough fundraising to provide iPads for every middle school student. This was about 150 iPads for the 2012-2013 year. No student had to pay for an iPad. This meant that the school owned the iPad, which we felt gave us more control. I will get into that more later though. We were also very blessed to have a very supportive administration and faculty of the initiative. Everyone contributed to the success of this project with their positive attitudes.
Within the first month of my pilot classroom, I found that my classes were completely paperless. This was not really my intent when I began the 1:1 endeavor, but has turned into a great tag line when describing the process. Although it really is amazing to have a “paperless” classroom (especially Language Arts), being in a 1:1 environment provided me with so many more benefits. Some of the benefits have included more efficiency in assessing and differentiating lessons, documentation of class discussions and assignment submission, more opportunities for student participation and collaboration, and exposure to 21st century skills for students. I hope that this course will help you to feel confident in your 1:1 environment. Feel free to skip chapters that do not apply to you.

The name of the 1:1 game is change. Change never stops with regard to these technologies, especially in the education world. So many wonderful positive developments have come out since I started this endeavor in October 2011. I will share what I have learned through those developments. Until there are more changes…
Please feel free to email me with questions! ktaylor@ctkschool.cdlex.org


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi, I was just wondering what types of fundraising did your school do to secure this
    type of funding. I also work in a Catholic School,. and face technology issues.

    • We usually do a silent auction dinner that had a ticketed admission. I think the food and drinks and venue are donated by parents. All proceeds are put towards technology. We also have a few big ticket items that are auctioned off live. Most items are donated by teachers ( lunch out with a teacher etc.), parents, and parishioners.

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